Tuesday, March 15, 2011

History Pages for the Dandy

It has once again been a busy week and it looks to hot up even more.

I've been doing a lot of smaller stuff but this series I've been commissioned to write and illustrate is so much fun I thought I'd post them as and when they're completed. They're for  the Dandy and make up part of an increasing quota of work that they're putting my way at present. I've worked with them in the past, drawing and writing both Ollie Fliptrick and Beryl the Peril, plus many many more characters and ideas.

Anyway, the page shown here is a comic version of the Horrible Histories series and this one is all about those marauding Vikings and the odd facts that surround them. Facts like: Did you know they invented ice skating and used Deer antlers? or that they were fastidious in their appearance and took regular baths? or that the women chose their husbands, not the other way around or more gruesomely, that they drank the blood of their victims out of the victims own skull: Kids love this gruesome stuff. Sadly there's no writing as that's done at Dandy HQ, and you can't get the full effect, but seeing as this is primarily a site to show case my art, I thought it would be fine

Hope you enjoy anyway.

For more samples of comic pages, click on the comic page tab above.

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