Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Shropshire Council have decided a good way to make money is to have local businesses sponsor the grass cutting exploits of  their Highways Department. They think its a great idea for both local businesses, who get the exposure, and the council, who have some of the costs of their park, vergeway and roadside cutting costs, met.

Only the council could hit such glaring heights of hypocracy, as it wasn't that long ago that they were banning people putting up roadside 'Happy Birthday' banners as they were seen as potential road hazards for people driving by who may be distracted and have an accident. This law they enforced under the auspeces of Health and Safety; obviously they sent Health and Safety out for a sanwhich when they passed this latest little gem.

 They also say its a good way for the council to earn money and not just spend it: However, they managed to bring this little trick into the public domain AFTER they savagly axed countless council jobs in the latest spending cuts. None of which came from the top, I noticed

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