Monday, November 7, 2011

Down the Salt Mines

I don't do that many caricatures as not everyone is aware that I do them, and for that reason alone I thought I'd let you in on a little secret...

I do.

What I don't do is the walking around at conventions and weddings producing the lightening fast sketches that guests drunkenly hold onto and find two months later, creased and damaged at the bottom of the suit case.

My caricatures are from photos, usually emailed to me with details about the intended victim's life and work or passions and hobbies. I then produce a pencil sketch, send it off and when I have the go ahead I either produce it in water colour, as I have here, or in Photoshop, then once it's done its in the post (mailing tube) to the customer.

This particular caricature was for a friend of my partner whose husband was leaving his high flying directors job in the UK for another high flying directors job in America. The salt mines connection, for those interested, was the business he's moving into.

It was very well received by the friend and her husband; caricatures always are as they make wonderfully original gifts: it says, in a very personal way, we care enough about you to have you immortalised on paper and then framed.

Finished caricature- Water colour/gouache mix on heavy paper

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