Thursday, May 3, 2012

Starting next Monday

Here's something new. Next week, along with a whole new diary entry, I will be publishing daily episodes of a story from my zany graphic novel, Castle Comics--- which can be found right here at my store for only £4.99

The story Involves two of the comics nuttier characters, William Wally and Ben Nevis; two freedom fighters who live in the  forest that surrounds D'Boncee Castle.

Castle comics is a book I published a couple of years back and has already gone into re print due to popular demand. It was the subject of its own post last year and the article featured  several sample pages from the book. If you'd like to go take another look at it, please feel free.

The reason why I'm offering up a free four page story (which will be printed in eight segments for ease of viewing), is that it's often easier to purchase a product once you've seen the quality of the wares.

And seeing as I would like you to rush off and purchase Castle Comics--- because I think you'll enjoy its wacky humour and its zany characters--- I thought I'd better offer you the chance to test drive a few pages first. And if you purchase it in large enough numbers, I'll feel not only honour bound, but duty bound to write and produce even more books in the series, and offer up even more free sample stories.

So... we have a deal?

But before you rush off and purchase you very own, pristine, full colour, A4 sized, stiff backed, signed copy of 40 pages of classic comic book mayhem. Let me tell you a little bit more about the sample story I'm about to serialise.

The two idiotic stars of the story in a typical argumentative pose
The story I'm starting on Monday 7th May is titled William Wally in raisin' a ransom and involves the two half wit, medieval terrorists as they try to capture the mighty Sir Charge--- the all powerful Knight and champion of William the Konk, Lord of D'Boncee Castle---with the aim of ransoming him off to fund 'the cause'. But in a storyline that is reminiscent of Road Runner and Coyote, the plan is thwarted at every junction with slapstick madness and humour.

This was a nicely paced story and I loved both writing and drawing it. And I hope you'll enjoy reading it over the next eight days.

So I hope to see you on Monday for the first instalment. Until then, have a great weekend


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