Sunday, July 22, 2012

Art for Art's Sake

I was looking through my document files for something that I've now completely forgotten about, when I came across this piece of artwork.

It was used for the front page of my website . And seeing as you may not have viewed it before, I thought you may like to now.

It was my first foray into baring my soul and art onto the world wide 'w's. I knew very little about websites--- what to ask for and what to expect--- and as a result I didn't get the site I needed and paid a lot more than I should've. A lesson to us all.

But then I discovered blogger and this has given me so much freedom. Freedom to publish as, when and as often as I want. So without further ado, go take a look at what my own personal Jurassic period in Internet knowledge was like and cringe along with me.


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