Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cartoonstock---Stock cartoons by me!

For about four years now I've had a dry sample of about thirty odd cartoons just languishing on the Cartoonstock website---a site that allows customers to browse the many and varied work from many and varied a fine cartoonist.

So for a while these same old cartoons have been sitting there, selling the odd one every now and again without me even making an effort. So about a week ago I decided that this should change. Especially seeing as I discovered that quite a few of their creatives are making a tidy sum of money and that the website has become quite the 'go to' place for all things cartoon.

So with that in mind---and also the fact that I like to share all I do with you---here are the samples I will be sending off this week. Also by clicking on the Cartoonstock link above, you can see the previously published cartoons that have been languishing up until now.

So grab yourself a cuppa tea or coffee and enjoy what I did for you.

Oh, and Happy Easter

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