Editorial Cartoon Service

This page deals with an ever growing sample of editorial cartoons for you to peruse or just enjoy.

I offer a service for daily weekly or just ad-hoc editorial cartoons to go with your news stories or features, I also produce more biting, political cartoons for some of the days larger, national and international news stories. Contact me now to see how I can entertain your readers with my tom-foolery.

National News: There have been worries that the Islamic Caliphate may have hacked into White House Twitter accounts.

Even more eccentricity from the great British public. This story talks about a cake club---nothing odd in that I hear you cry, and I'm inclined to agree with you except for the fact that this lot have decided to make it a secret society and they meet up at different places; only communicating through coded emails and text messages...Priceless!

A new service for drinkers in the UK: a lady has decided to offer the ultimate hangover breakfast delivered to your home...just be careful how you explain it to your wife!

Another great story. This one came about when I read a story about a northern hospital admitting that they lost most of their false teeth through theft

This cartoon was from a story about a giant pumpkin a school had grown. Upon thinking about it, memories of a giant pumpkin called Mrs Baird who taught me English , came to mind; the rest just happened.


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