Thursday, December 16, 2010

Low Flying Twitters

I live in an area where low flying by the RAF is a real problem, but when they said they were going to go onto Facebook and Twitter to keep the public updated as to their 'up down, flying around' stuff, I just thought it was bonkers...I mean, can you imagine their Facebook quotes; RAF have just become a fan of: Don't you hate it when you blow up the wrong target. Or posting comments like: RAF have just become friends with Roger, Wilko and Bravo lmao :)

Don't these bozos understand the theory of secrecy? And what will their 'Invite a friend' page be like. Will it have: You, USAF, NAVY and 6 others are mutual friends with RAF...and don't even get me started on their Twitters.

Anyway, by way of poking fun at them I produced this cartoon

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