Cartoon Tutorial Archives

Here are links to all of the tutorials I've given, whether they be written or on video. Enjoy

1. How to draw Rufus- Part One ---Video Tutorial
2. Drawing the cartoon Heavy ---Video Tutorial
3. How to draw cartoons, the basics ---Simple technique video tutorial
4. Monkey in motion ---How do draw a cartoon monkey in motion---Video tutorial
5. How to draw a water colour cartoon ---A written and illustrated tutorial on producing a piece of cartoon work in water colour
6. How to draw a comics page ---The production of a page of comic book artwork
7. Creation of a comic character Part One ---These pages deal with the character creation from concept to finished page, including the script writing process, the page illustration and a tutorial on how its rendered in Photoshop.
8. Creation of a comic character Part two
9. Creation of a comic character Part Three
10. How to draw cartoon faces ---a video tutorial on drawing facial expression
11. How to Draw an Editorial Cartoon ---A pictorial tutorial on how I go about doing an editorial for the Doncaster Free Press
12. How to colour an editorial in Photoshop--- a frame print tutorial on colouring cartoon on the computer
13. This little Piggy---A tutorial showing how to draw a really simple Pig and Elephant
14. How to colour a caricature in watercolour---How I colour caricature using guache and watercolour
15. How to draw a cartoon vulture---Another over the shoulder look at how I draw. This time its a vulture
16. How to Draw Action in Cartoons A tutorial to show how real action can be achieved in cartoon work
17. How I draw a Comic Strip---A tutorial on how I produce a comic strip and some thoughts on the process

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