Short Story Archive

On this page you can read all about what I've been getting up to at and away from the drawing board.

I see, do and get involved in some pretty odd things; these tales cover them.

1. New Years Eve 2011 ---A trip to a pub full of very weird locals
2. Pot Boiler ---Tells how I exploded an egg
3. Broken Toe ---My war against sales calls and life with a broken toe
4. Caught Short ---someone else's true story
5. Bitter Pill --- Job interviews past and present explained
6. Danny Boy ---My crazy gay dog
7. Facebook--a Poem ---My view on Facelessbook
8. Agent Provocateur --- A tale about my irate agent, his Rolls Royce and a confused Policeman
9. Himself --- A personal trip down Memory Lane with a tale about my amazing Granddad
10. Dumbing down the dumb---My views on the modern quiz show versus the old
11. The drinks are on me--- How I single handedly ruined a perfectly good drinks seminar
12. Its not all Black and White --- How I saw the breeding debacle of the giant Pandas
13. Hire Thought --- When I come up against a health and safety nut-job while trying to hire a ladder
14. Man Flu --- The really serious Man affliction and how I dealt bravely with it
15. Reigny Day --- The day I met the Queen, or didn't...
16 The Great Bunny Breakout--- Next doors escapologist bunnies
17 Rabbits revisited... already--- Another breakout explained in this short, short story
18 Dialling Tony---A second visit to a true tale of my old agent. This time its about his irreverent phone manner
19. Wordpress v Blogger Simple The story of the three days of living hell spent trying to set up a ComicPress site
20. The Wild Imaginings of Optimus Bean A nonsense poem about a magical Island
21. Off my Christmas Trolley My Christmas shopping nightmare
22. One hot summers day in 1980 A story about a bus journey, two old ladies, a packet of suppositories and a man called Norman who had a supersonic backside.
23. Sticks and Stones A short essay on how I'm always being mistaken for a mark
24. Memories are made of this My problems with a memory foam matress
25. Planning on getting rid of the spiders When the spiders in my back room ignore local planning laws
26. the Spiders are back Notes from my psychiatrists notebook
27. the Birds and the Booze My observations on binge drinkers
28. Do I come here often? About how forgetting my phone can cause such problems...for ME!
29. Big heap rubbish writing Views on Hollywood western writers
30. My world, my thoughts, my bad More daily thoughts on my odd life
31. Comrade Sooty When night Portering and fixing a TV for the Von Applestruddle family
32. The Idiot and the Internet  When I accidentally emailed to the whole world

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