Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stop the Blot!

And this should be the last of today's entries.

Stop the Blot is a campaign to halt the development of a few luxury houses on a site of outstanding beauty in Shropshire. The initial plans were rejected but as is always the way, the developer just kept on submitting until he got what he wanted. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the stunning Shropshire hills and its precious environment, he came up against little England at its finest. So a bunch of eccentric retired colonels, church wardens and grannies are taking the council and the developer to task.

God bless England for all its battling eccentrics.

This is a campaign run by the paper so there may be more on it. I've also been asked to illustrate their campaign leaflets so I'm actually involved in more ways than I usually am with these stories.

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