Friday, July 1, 2011

Bit Sized Commission

I'd almost forgotten about this one.
Quite a while ago I was contacted by Longleat, an older customer of mine, who asked if they could use some of my animal designs for a new range of confectioneries that they were hoping to launch later in the year, and after the obligatory money chat they went off promising me goodies in the future.

Like I said, that was quite some time ago, and seeing as I'm often promised samples of my finished printed or published work but often through the pressures and constraint of time and deadlines, never receive them. So quite naturally, I just forgot all about it. But bless Alison, both she and Longleat were more than true to their word and a nice little box of goodies arrived for me this morning.

Now all I have to do is hide them from my three chocolate loving daughters.

As always, please click on the photos to enlarge but try not to drool all over the screen

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