Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monkeying Around

Going further on from my other puzzle page idea that I talked about a few weeks back, I thought I'd give these pleasing little asides some more thought. The result is the page below.

My puzzle of choice this time was the Word Puzzle.

Naturally, if I was going to have anything to do with this kind of project, then it would have to involve a lot of action, loads of characters,a silly, yet comical situation and possibly a word search.

The idea I eventually settled on was to have a set amount of words with one missing---how this was to go missing went right to the centre of the idea.

The elephant had slipped on a banana skin---left by one of the careless monkey puzzle constructors---and as a result he'd slipped and slided his way around the pond; knocking some of the chimps into the water as the hungry crock looked on, and eventually coming to a crashing halt against the large word puzzle---knocking the word out and most of the other monkeys off.

After I'd finished it (it took me a whole day to complete) I went downstairs to the front room where Karen was reading her take a break puzzle magazine. In it where some word searches, all black and white, devoid of illustration and basically functional. I looked once again at mine with its lively action, vibrant colours and countless hours of construction and thought to myself: 'Why do I knock myself out doing this stuff'

The honest answer is simple; I love it. I love the thought process, I love the construction and layout of my piece of work and I love seeing it come together. But the bit I love the most is when someone picks it up, looks at it and says 'Wow, that's great'. And lets face it, who wouldn't love seeing or hearing of the respect of another person  for what you've spent an age lovingly constructing.

So go take a look and if you think what I've done is worthy of a wow, then post it below and feel my glow of pride come right back at ya!


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