Monday, March 5, 2012

Facebook--- A Poem

Facebook, Facebook who are you,
you screw up all the good you do.
You say you care about your fans
then fill their sidebars with your scams.

You change the look from day to day
and don't care what the f**k we say.
You lose our posts that we put there
and watch as we pull out our hair.

It was such fun, it was a blast,
to catch up with friends from our past;
to post our jokes, to share our pics
and add our thoughts into the mix.

We'd build up photos from our life
and share our troubles and our strife,
we were all fans of oddball stuff;
some was good, but most was guff.

But then one day you got too big,
you didn't seem to give a fig;
you tried to charge us for your site
until we said, go fly a kite!

You've made a mountain out of cash
but turned your site right into trash.
you'd changed the world you had it all
but then your eyes went off the ball.

If you had seen what you'd created
you should be proud and quite elated.
But you refused to hear the bleating,
of your fans who now are tweeting.

You're new look is the worst you've done
and Facebook is no longer fun.
if you think they should take a hike,
then voice your views and all click 'Like'

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  1. I'm guessing a switch to the new FB 'timeline' happened.

  2. How right you are. I've been suckered into in and I hate it. How about you?


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