Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brabbles & Boggitt Ride Again! (soon)

'For a Diary of a Cartoonist, there seems to be precious little cartoon work on here', it has been said by more than a few people.

Well to those who said that and to the others who thought it and the probable others who just wished they'd said it, the wait is over.

I've been working this blog into something that will eventually be a thrice weekly thing. It will remain a diary but not just a diary about the odd things that happen to me.

I want it also to be about the projects I'm involved in and to keep you informed as to what stage they are at. I'd also like to add more tutorials and relaunch my old Out to Lunch, cartoon, which used to have its own blog.

Other ideas I'm working on in the background are a regularly written story with set characters (more about that on another post), shorter and more frequent posts about my life--- I may even upload from my mobile so you get to find out the weird stuff that happens to me, as its actually happening to me. There are many other ideas I have, but like the ongoing story idea, I'll just wet your appetite by saying there is new stuff in the pipeline, but you'll have to keep coming back to find out what it is.

But for this post I'd like to re introduce you to Brabbles and Boggitt. They are the two little misfits I created for the European market and sold as a graphic novel--- primarily for children--- but which adults could also enjoy. The stories were set loosely around well known fairy tales and given a modern day twist. For example, The little old lady who lived in a shoe who had so many children she didn't know what to do became a big brother type story that had the subjects of the Land of Once Upon a Time voting the children out.

Anyway, the reason why I want to tell you all about it is this: I've recently regained all copyright over the characters and the stories from the Dutch publisher who I was working with on them before and now I want to publish both stories through Amazon's POD (print on demand) scheme. This won't make me a fortune but at least it will get my ideas out there and give you an opportunity to purchase them.

Unfortunately all my words were translated into Dutch for the original comic so I have to re-translate them back into English before I can publish the books again. I'm aiming to have both ready for the all important Christmas period (yes, I really have to think that far ahead) as I also want to publish an annual collection of my thoughts from this blog on Kindle and e-reader, plus a 'How to Draw Cartoons the Dixon way' via POD and Kindle/e-reader. There's also a collaboration book which is in production as I write and also has to be worked into Christmas's murderous schedule.

So between now and then I'll be giving you little tasters of what is to come. First off here is a sample page of the second Brabbles and Boggitt book which is my version of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.

More on the idea and a synopsis on the next post

Phew, well that's that for now except to say: Please keep coming back and keep on leaving your comments. They mean a lot to me and they help me build the blog you want to read.


By the way, if you are in need of books, DVD's, games, electrical goods and you're going to use Amazon to buy them, please click onto it through my site on the banner advert to your right; for every person that does I get a payment from Amazon, and if you order from that click then I get a commission on what you buy. It doesn't cost you a single penny extra but it does help fund this blog, enabling me to carry on giving you free cartoon advice and stories.

Please remember, every click you make helps me entertain you! Thank you


  1. Ah, just wait until I finish the book and you can see it in full. I'll be adding more pages like this as and when they become completed


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