Monday, April 23, 2012

England, my Lionheart

I am proud to be English.

Not just because of all the wonderful things this country has brought to the world; its great scientific discoveries, the geological and geographical finds. The world it mapped, the countries it built. Its great thinkers and explorers, the mind stretching artists, poets and writers; of Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth and Keats who were rich in this country's majesty and tapestry and steeped in its culture and vibrancy.

Not even  for the history it holds or the beauty of its green rolling fields, its diverse and beauteous mountains, its chocolate box villages, its cricket greens full of mad dogs and Englishmen---it's family filled pubs on a hot summers day and its warmth and homely fires as they crackle on cold winters nights. It's hideous yet fantastically complicated and unpredictable weather patterns and the onion like layers to the wide and varied senses of humour of its warm hearted denizens and their undefeatable Dunkirk spirit.

But mainly its to remind all those out there who feel for this great country of ours. It's to warn you that being proud in silence is not enough. The wet liberals who control your thoughts now want your flag.

They want to destroy it as a racist symbol. They would have your pride trodden into the dirt and they would crush the memories of this great nations forefathers under their frightened little boots, and they want you to apologise for who you are.

Don't let them, oh proud people of England.

Fly your flag on every St George's Day. Push out your chest in pride of who your are and where you come from. Support this country in every way you can and when people ask where you come from, don't water it down by saying Britain, say you come from England; GREAT ENGLAND!

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