Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cartoon Dreams

I had no scanning facilities today so I had to photograph my picture
I'm not sure if it's just my mind that's weird or if all cartoonists experience odd dreams. And by odd, I mean seriously odd.

I know we all say from time to time that we had a weird dream last night, but my dream last night took weird to a whole new level.

I dreamt that I was talking to my mother who had just woken up and I asked her where my father was. She said thanks for reminding her as she'd forgotten to wake him up and proceeded to bring an Utterly-Butterly tub from around the back of a small jacuzzi type container.

I, who was confused, said

'What's that for?'

My mother said

'It's your father, I dehydrate him into capsule form every night and then drop him into water the next morning to rehydrate him; it cuts out the whole snoring problem'

And as she said this she dropped him into the jacuzzi tub and the three bean-type shapes began to split and form into small purple and sandy brown elephants and rhinos. They then divided into amorphous shapes which split and sub divided again and again. Eventually the shape moulded itself, Plasticine like, into a human shape and began to cover a metallic bone structure and slowly but surely my father began to take shape.

Once he was complete, my mother asked him if he wanted a cup of tea with his cornflakes. He, not at all moved by the daily ritual of being dehydrated and then born again each day into the swirls of water, simply said yes, stepped out of the tub, fully clothed, and went to his arm chair where he read his book.

Perhaps any dreamologist out there can explain the significance of a dehydrating, re hydrating father and a mother that puts him to bed in a margarine tub. Or is it just some weird father's day thing.


  1. I think most artists must dream a lot. That's how we do what we do. If we didn't, we'd all be successful corporate business types.

    1. Don, you are so right and who'd want to be one of those corporate types with all that money...


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