Saturday, June 9, 2012

What a week

I had a bad week, last week.

I've been caught out in every rain storm that's hit our soggy little shores over the past few days--- been splashed by drivers as they career, on purpose, into large rain puddles and tsunami the hell out of me--- I nearly got dragged into a beer cellar when the barrel of beer, which the rope I was holding was attached to, proved to be a little heavier than I first thought---my car went over a large pot hole depositing 500cl of the fizzy stuff right up my left nostril, and as if that's not enough, I've discovered this morning that my legs have grown in the night and i can no longer reach my feet to put my socks on without the aid of a large comfy bed to roll around on and a book of advanced Yoga positions.

Karen, who'd just come back from a shark feeding expedition off the African Gold coast, says its probably more to do with my age, but I'm having none of that. The probability of my legs growing in the night sits easier on my warped mind than the prospect of  me getting old.

Anyway, in lieu of me not posting anything this week, here's a collection of my favourite cartoons from the Out to Lunch blog of the same name that I used to do last year.

And as promised on a previous blog post, I fully intend to start these cartoons back up as a Friday afternoon thing. So pretty soon you will have a diary entry on Tuesday, a cartoon on Friday and assorted oddness, tutorials and updates on my various projects in between.

So enjoy the cartoons. I'm off now to get some extensions fitted to my arms so I can put my other sock on.


"So I guess there's no point in asking what kind of a day you've

"I see they've sent you to the naughty corner"

"Honestly Pam, can't the argument over whether we serve this
thing with Red or White wait until I've actually caught it?"

"Okay, how about a third opinion..?"

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