Monday, October 1, 2012

Balls to Stamp Duty

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I'm not sure why the press bothers to give valuable column width space to the oppositions' crackpot ideas: I'm not being 'Party Specific' here; I mean whichever party happens to be in opposition at the time.

The best bit about being in opposition is you don't have to think your ideas through; you can just shout stuff out randomly, and so long as it sounds even remotely plausible, the great unwashed will flock to your side, bleating as they come.

Anyway, this cartoon is about the Labour Party's Ed Balls (a more aptly named politician there could never be), who believes that by cancelling Stamp Duty on homes he will cure all the world's financial ills.

WRONG, Balls. Reducing stamp duty will not save us...getting out of Europe could, stopping the flow of money to the new Midlands rail link would alleviate things, quit funding white Elephants like the Olympics, that would definitely help. While not paying out for all of the above would have seen us out of the red and well and truly into the black. So much so that people could not only easily afford mortgages, they could pay the stamp duty with savings to spare.

But hey, what would I know, I'm not an expert... like him and his banker friends.

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