Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marketing the Bear

Big Ol' Bear is copyright Karl Dixon
Now this is a quick post, well quicker than normal. I've been looking into a few projects as of late, and seeing as this particular one will be taking up space on the side bar to the right of these posts very soon, I thought it best to start here.

I've created a character, a character who has already had a blog post of his very own--- he was used in one of my previous tutorials on how to do a water colour cutie---anyway, this character, called Big Ol' Bear, has been developed even more and I am marketing him through a range of products like, greeting cards, iPhone covers, iPad covers, hoodies, other clothing and possibly children's books; though the books will be done largely through through Amazon print on demand (POD) and Lulu POD.

If you'd like to go and view my initial foray into this wonderful world of artist product placement, then please click here--- view my Red Bubble page--- and see what you think. At the moment there's only one design up but more will follow over the next few days and weeks, so keep coming back and keep viewing. Your participation is always welcome.


If you like my blog and the things that I say and do, please tell your friends; mention me on Facebook, Twitter and any of the other fine social media networking sites you use. I would love to have my work reach a much larger audience and although I could no doubt eventually get there under my own steam, I'll get there a lot quicker with your help, so please, please spread the word.

Thank you


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