Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Greetings from me...

I've been racking my brains today for something to post, and every idea I came up with would either take a few hours out of every night and spread itself over a week or two to produce or just wasn't right for this blog. And anyway, I needed something instant for now. I can always work quietly away on the other ideas and post them at a later date.

So in the time honoured tradition of searching for something completely non related to our blog, I stumbled across some artwork I'd done a while back which I thought may interest you.

About two years ago I was looking into having a bash at what I would call the traditional humorous greeting card market--- you know the ones: the smutty, innuendo filled bit of brashly coloured fun. I had already had a certain amount of success in the past with specialist greeting cards for the corporate markets and felt that now would probably be a good time to have a crack at the mass market.

But sadly, at the time all the major UK card companies were closing their doors to new talent and sticking with their in-house teams of writers and artists. So the ideas published below have been reposing gently in the vast vaults of my documents files.

But never-the-less, thinks I, it could make a good colourful post  by showing you what I sent out that day. I also hope it will raise a smile and help blow away the New Years blues that so many of you seem to be suffering from; especially if the myriad comments on Facebook and Twitter are anything to go by.

So here we go: Three card ideas, showing front cover's on the left and the inside on the right, as that's how the industry likes to view them and is also a submissions guideline I'm giving you for free; should you wish to have a crack at greeting cards yourself.

...and finally, it is a well known fact, within the industry, that Hallmark boast that they have a card for every occasion. Well they haven't got one for this occasion---but I have.

Cheers for now.

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Thank you


  1. Can i have a blonde with a nicely trimed bush please karl the last one i had almost took my eye out lol

  2. No problem at all, do you want her emailed or FEDEX'd...


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