Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Weird World of Nathan Bigalow

Sometimes I have weird thoughts and theories; things and ideas that have no relevance to what I'm doing or thinking: I guess you could say its an unavoidable side effect of the constantly evolving and enquiring mind of an odd-ball cartoonist and writer.

Anyway, these ideas come from my inner mind, the part of my brain that houses the really weird me.

I don't suffer from multiple disorders but if the brain does have a left right split, then what I write here comes from the other side to my normal ---if you can call what I write normal--- mind.

In this vortex of nonsense I have created an alter ego, a person who I would be, if left to my own devices; a person who looks out at next doors garden gnomes and sees sentient beings from another planet who are here to study us. A person who wonders what goes on behind the closed curtains of his neighbours homes---not in a voyeuristic sense---but in the manner of wondering 'what secrets do people hold and what stories do their past tell.

I have given my alter ego a name. His name is Nathan Bigalow and he is an eccentric. He studies the world around him, has a truly original take on life and worries the hell out of his Girlfriend, who he refers to simply as 'N'. His best friend, Sheldon, is just as, if not even weirder, than Nathan himself. Their conversations are littered with absurdities and inconsistencies. Nathan's one driving force in life is to finish his Magnum Opus--- his great work; the Encyclopedia Eccentricca, which is his version of absolutely everything that has been or ever will be. He also has the most unusual Horoscope readings

I...we...would be delighted to have you along for this truly odd journey into the mind of an odd ball par excellence. I won't have set dates or times to post these mental abnormalities of mine, they will just be a little extra to what ever the hell it is I normally do on this blog. I'm not even going to write them on this page; oh no, Nathan Bigalow has his own page and can be found on the tabs up above, or by simply clicking here where I have already posted a few of his random thoughts.

I will continue to let you know when the idiot has posted any more of his absurdities in the same way that I inform you of when I post the nonsense I post.

Anyway, I hope you like what he says and that you'll think of Nathan as a worthy addition to our insular and insane little world of oddity and instruction.

All the best


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Thank you

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