Friday, November 1, 2013

Brabbles & Boggitt Page 46

This is it, folks! The final page!!

 Well there we go, 46 pages and a few panels re-draws later and we have the final page.

It's been a great year and these little characters of mine have more than done their bit to grow the traffic to our little corner of the web. You've taken them so much to your hearts, in fact, that I've decided to make them a permanent feature of our world and continue to write and draw even more of their crazy tales and modern twists on fairy tales and folklore.

All that's left now is to put it all together and offer it up as a complete story collection, and to add to it I will be re illustrating more panels, giving you a back story to this very popular feature and producing a six page, never-before-published-anywhere Brabbles & Boggitt story.

Also, come back next week when I can tell you what plans I have for the next Brabbles & Boggitt tale, including the new format. Interested? I hope you are, because I'm doing it for you.

See you then.


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Thank you


  1. Hi Karl! Thanks for the story! I didn't think it would end with poor old Boggitt being tarred and feathered! I'm glad you've got more ideas in the pipeline for them, I'd love to see more of their adventures! Can't wait! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Sadly, Boggitt will always get it, it's a statement of todays society, right there in the funny pages: those that don't deserve it always get crapped on from a great height where as those that do always manage to somehow escape.

      So glad you liked my little tale so much. I have a new one been worked up now and a new direction in vision and prominence for my two little nut-cases. All, I hope, to reveal on Friday...I'm very excited.

      Thanks for your continued amazing support my friend



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