Saturday, June 7, 2014

...and finally in the news...

For over twenty years now I've been drawing cartoons to illustrate news stories for the local newspaper market, and its a job I have loved.

I can happily say that some of the best stories you will ever read will come from a local newspaper; mainly because they have to fill their pages with copy, and when that happens you can guarantee some real corkers are going to get printed.

Over the years I've illustrated stories about Orchestras who's instruments are made up of plumbers piping, or tales of the Bog Snorkeling championships--- believe me, I have covered some seriously weird stories.

But the relevance here is that whenever I do one now I will be sharing it with you, and to get you started, here's two previously published gags with a little write up to accompany it, and a bonus one that was never printed, but I just had to do it anyway.

This cartoon covers a story about a perfumier in York, England who have decide to launch a range of deodorants called 'Viking'. The idea is to make the wearer smell just like a real Viking warrior---the only problem is the aromas' vary from, sweat, dried blood, wood smoke and stale mead.

This next one deals with a North Wales (UK) water authority that wants to cut back on its fuel bills by pumping sea water from the nearby Irish Sea and using it instead of oil to heat up and fuel their main pumping station in the area.

My thoughts are below.

The final one didn't actually appear in any magazine or newspaper---for obvious reasons when you read its content---but when I heard about the Santiago council in Chile who had built a giant lime green condom, the size of a building, to educate the cities people about sex education, I just had to draw a cartoon for the hell of it


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