Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Muslim Caliphate: Twitter cartoon

Someone threatened to cut my head off last week on Twitter. No prizes for guessing where that came from.

The thing is, I actually had no intention of doing any pictures of Mohammed, I just mentioned my disgust and the Paris killings and then some little spotty faced trainee Jihadist from Peckham, London got all moralistic on me, stating that if I said anything else he would remove my head and ended it with #AllahuAkbar. I replied: 'Thank you for the documented death threat, I'll be forwarding this message to the CIA' and ended mine with #GuantanamoBay.

I've heard nothing since.

But my point is this. I was happy with just a rant and a show of solidarity until that little idiot piped up, now he has me wanting to say all kinds of things, and some of them will be against his murdering little sadistic buddies. So the irony is, his ill conceived rant has actually pushed me into doing the very thing he told me not to...

Doesn't he know how we cartoonists work?

Any way, thanks to our little brainwashed hate campaigner, today sees the first one in my new political and social comment cartoons; maybe with even a little editorial in my own inimitable style thrown in to boot.

So I hereby dedicate this cartoon to P****d off of Peckham


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