Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Laugh Lines 3

Here's Mondays instalment of 'Laugh Lines' on Tuesday, just to show I'n not a conformist kinda guy!
Either that or I got my calendar wires crossed again...which let's face it is probably what happened.

Laugh Lines is available for syndication. If you are an editor, looking for an across the board comic feature, then please contact me via my 'contact me' page to discuss prices.

If you are a reader that would like to see Laugh Lines published in your local paper, then please send your newspaper's editor a letter saying so and send him or her a link to this blog.

If you just enjoy what I do, then keep on coming back for more of the same silliness.

Also, come back on Wednesday when I'll be posting about my latest set of Rugby Sporting prints that I'll soon be offering for sale via this site. So if this is your thing then make a note in your diary or subscribe to my site and have the posts emailed directly to you.

Thank you

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