Friday, May 20, 2016

Comicbook Submission---Brabbles & Boggitt Part I

New Submission work!

I wont be sending this submission off to the big five US syndicates, this time the prject is going to a plethora of English speaking comic publishers and magazines and then to the French, Dutch and Belgian market.

Brabbles & Boggitt, for those with a long memory and who can remember the graphic novel I serialised on here a couple of years back, are two little travellers who roam through the land of Once Upon a Time, retelling and reliving the old fairy tales and folklore stories of yore, but with a modern day twist.

Brabbles is a ridiculously over confident yellow mouse who can only see the stellar brilliance of his own way. He has a million and one get rich quick schemes, all of which fail in a million and one spectacularly ways and result in his and Boggitt's removal from town while being covered in tar and feathers.

Boggitt, the doom and gloom caterpillar, is his travelling companion. It is his job to keep Brabbles on the straight and narrow and to curtail his get rich quick schemes to a minimum. Neither of which he
manages with anything approaching aplomb. His next best bet is to go along with Brabbles' schemes and try an minimalise the damage, which he largely does, but not enough to avoid their outward journey while covered in tar and feathers.

The tale I will be sending out is titled the Blue Elves and the Shoemakers; a tale about a break away splinter group of Elves who are trying to fund their hostile take over of the King of the Mountain Elves monopoly on the Porridge mines (the key food to the Elven peoples). To do this they need to get every new traveller who comes through this town to open up a cobblers' shop which they run from the back and take a large portion of the profits.

The Blue Elves and the Shoemakers is a tale of sweat-shops, pressure groups, hostile takeovers and big business, local politics and out-of-control monarchy at its grubby worst. All my tales take well known stories, fairy tales and folklore and give them a modern day twist, but done through the eyes of an over confident yellow mouse and his doom and gloom travelling buddy.

Part one today; come back next Friday and every Friday after for eight whole weeks. Who knows, I may even go further. Especially if its popular.


Next Wednesday its more about my caricature business. This time it'll be about the production of a commercial comic page for a company's annual financial report that I got asked to do. Still caricatures, but this time coloured in Photoshop. Hope to see you then.

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