Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Wha...hey? What's a NoodlePate?

Put simply it's my new cartoon feature. Something that I've been producing thrice weekly on Facelessbook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+

Technically it's a webcomic, because it's on the web. Un technically it doesn't have it's own dedicated website, because that's expensive and I want to see how it goes first.

So for now it's just a social media thing, but it is picking up quite a pace and is already gaining a hardcore fan-base.

NoodlePates is an old medieval word which basically means a fool, or a general term for the village idiots. Whatever way you wish to look at it, NoodlePates is my vehicle for whatever makes me laugh.

NoodlePates is a spot gag cartoon with the odd regular character or characters. It may develop into a strip, but for now, and while it is gaining a readership I shall keep it as it is.

I will be placing the three weekly comics here---probably on a Friday---but for now, here's a selection of some of my most recent favourites.

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Anyway, enjoy

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