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The Night of the Village Idiots (A Sleepy Hamlet Tale) 172pages
How could the removal of a family painting, a childhood fear of thunder and lightning and the pub landlord's flu cause so much chaos? 
Simple. Add a dotty half-wit Lord of the manor, place him next to his short fused and volcanic wife, refer to the butler---who is the very model of decorum and upholder the old ways--- as the ‘family pet’, ignite the head cooks flatulent backside with a lightning bolt, have Mrs Heppleheimer--- a crazy octogenarian Bavarian Barm-pot--- run the village pub, and connect her own brain battering, soul sapping brew of the Norse Gods called ‘ByThor’, get the villagers to try and get her drunk in an ill-fated drinking competition which will eventually end up with the mass hypnotism of the village quoits team.

While all the time have the incumbents of Hamlet Hall running around a darkened stately home--- that's been blacked out by the worst storms to hit the village in living memory--- have an old suit of armour nearly decapitate her Ladyship while she attempts to head her portly husband off in his search for a stepladder and something to remove a painting with, then add to the mix a nervous maid with a curtsying fixation and a concussed and amnesic head cook who's wondering around the house covered in fruit preserves and compotes, and you have the ingredients for a stormy night with a village full of idiots.

My Children's Books

Ryan's Dinosaur Dreams (28 Pages, full colour)

Ryan lives for his dinosaurs, he loves his dinosaurs and he even dreams about dinosaurs. This richly coloured and lively illustrated tale will take you and your children into a world of ballet dancing brontosaurus, trampolining triceratops, skiing stegosauruses and many more. A treat for all lovers of engaging stories, lively art and big silly dinosaurs

My Comics and Graphic Novels

Castle Comics 40pp Full Colour comic tales

Comical antics set around the fictitious fiefdom of D'Boncee Castle. With two, three, four and seven page stories from such odd ball crazies as William Wally and his side kick Ben Nevis, to Snobby Hood to the brave Sir Charge and his page Lancelittle to the medieval cub reporter and distorter of the news Offa D. Record; to the short-sighted monk Brother Tonsurlitus and the travelling pilgrims, Friar Chips and Pilgrim Sauce and not forgetting the tyrannical, pint sized despot of this mini kingdom William the Konk. Castle Comics is printed in high quality print stock in full colour and is an all ages comic book that is aimed at children but loved by adults.

Castle Comics is first and foremost a fun comic aimed at children but beloved by adults. Also, printed throughout there are little historical facts and asides making Castle Comics a fun read with an educational bonus.

My Art Prints

My rugby, sporting and general cartoon prints are now all available  by clicking on the image. This will take you directly to my store. All prints are available in a variety of sizes and frame colours.

The Penalty Drop Kick

Inspired by the Johnny Wilkinson last second penalty drop kick in the Rugby World cup final, this cartoon shows all the panic, pressure and silliness that goies into a Karl Dixon watercolour cartoon

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