Here's where you can find constantly updating examples of my work. Have a browse, it's free.

A new idea is sporting prints---cartoons in watercolour, so lots of action colour and, of course, silliness.

And while we're on the subject of Watercolour, here's a few prints from my character, Big Ol' Bear

More work from the Dandy

Although both of these images are available in various Blog posts, I thought it advisable for those people who just come on to my portfolio page to show samples of my book cover design and layout.

A puzzle page from the now defunct Dandy comic
Puzzle Page

Two comic pages from the ever popular Beryl the Peril

The next 5 pieces of art were covers for children's school musicals

Three pages from the Ollie Fliptrik comic Portfolio

Big Ol' Bear designs from my greeting card range that can be purchased from my On-line Store