Friday, November 2, 2012

This Little 'Piggy' went to YouTube

I haven't produced a cartoon tutorial for quite some time, so I thought today, with the weekend looming and pencils easier to find, it could be a good time to give you another 'How to' video.

And because I realise that not everyone who visits my blog is a proffessional cartoonist, I'm going to start a series of tutorials--- available on my YouTube page as well--- where you can regularly go and catch up, or sit back and be entertained; whichever takes your fancy.

I do have a whole load of other tutorials up there, but due to some weird YouTubian glitch, when I last went to sign in, it forced me to open up a new account and start all over again. But if you wish to see my other tutorials, either go to my tutorials tab which is up above this post or just click here and go view the page that I can no longer access.

This particular tutorial is aimed at those of you out there who just want to learn a neat trick on how to produce a nice looking cartoon while using only simple shapes. There's also a tutorial on how to draw a cartoon elephant using the same simple shape technique on there.

So have fun and send me in your samples, it's always good to see your work.



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Please remember, every click you make helps me entertain you! Thank you


  1. Great tut Karl. It's amazing what you can do with simple shapes, and a little creativity. Thanks!

  2. An absolute pleasure, Don. So glad you enjoy them. I'll be doing even more; some advanced some a lot simpler

  3. Great stuff Karl, showing the kids this!

  4. Kelvin and Dorsey, great to have you here. I've taught at many a school and the kids certainly love the magic of seeing something appear out of seemingly nowhere. Keep coming back and also please do join the gathering throng of cartoon and silly story lovers here--- you are all more than welcome.
    Oh, and there will be another tutorial around the middle of this week so be sure not to miss that

  5. I couldn't draw nice grass. I am learning to draw. =) guess i need lots of practice.


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