Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reject or not reject, that is the question.

Over the years I've submitted a lot of material to the British comics industry; some have been accepted and others not.

It's always been a tricky thing to know what to send: how can you work out what is on the editor's mind? Why can't they just send all the regular contributors a list of what they're looking for, rather than the usual oblique and beige email that simply states: We are looking for new ideas, please feel free to pitch.

Anyway, the reason for this post is, I thought you might like to see see a sample of my artwork and see if you can work out which piece, or pieces, the editor commissioned and which he rejected, but don't be fooled by the completed stages of some pieces of art; I've been known to send in both character sheets or full blown pages of artwork.

Have fun.

Hope you enjoyed that

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Thank you


  1. Hi Karl! That is an impressive bunch and if I were an editor I would have commissioned everything! if I remember correctly the top picture was a definite yes and I'm sure at least one of the puzzle pages were too. I know the character of Roger the Dodger and I'm sure in my deep past I knew of Billy Whizz and if there's justice in the editorial world they both should have been used. Apart from the 3 Bears the other characters are new to me. I hope Downton Abbie was commissioned 'coz I think it's great! This is just too tough to call, you'll have to tell me!! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Hi Brian, I really wish the editor's would get their fingers out and the Beano but sadly there were probably more fails than accepts, but here goes:
      The top one you are correct and both puzzle pages were accepted but everything else was rejected, including Downton Abbey, but I will try it with someone else as I think its just too good an idea to die.

      Thanks, as always my friend, for joining in the fun



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