Friday, October 18, 2013

Brabbles & Boggitt Page 44

Once again I am really sorry to have missed out a week with Brabbles & Boggitt, but when you see the change I made with the last large panel I think you will agree it was worth doing; I've also had a panel change for next week. Enjoy the page and the copy of what it was changed from is set out below.

Next Week; The penultimate page with another panel re draw---don't miss it!

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  1. Oh yes, much more action, much more dynamic, much more to see, even down to the woodwork in the wall and floorboards! Do you spend longer on the re-draws than doing the original or is it quicker because you have the framework already in place? Kind regards, Brian.

    1. When I first wrote and illustrated them, back in 2007, I was rushed off my feet with jobs coming in from all angles, so sadly, lavish scenes had to be economised. But now I can see the false economy in doing so---especially to the reader who's continued interest I wish to keep. So now, and forever more, I will only give of my best, and when the whole story is published---hopefully in time for Christmas---I will have illustrated other parts of the book and given an explanation as to the whole process at the back.

      But I only re-illustrate the changed panel and then drop it in over the old one via Photoshop; but the new panels can be so much more involved that they take almost as much time as the original page did in its entirety, as the one above did.

      Best wishes, Brian



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