Friday, March 27, 2015

Lost email; a cartoon retrospective

Whilst producing a previous blog post, it reminded me of an email I recently received off a lady who stated how much she would love to see a retrospective table book of my Dandy work...mainly that relating to Ollie Fliptrik.

So I had the idea of laying out this post---very much like the one two posts below, with my thoughts on the pages and what was going on in my life at the time---and also to ask the lady that if she sees this post to please get back in touch with me as I would love to talk some more about a picture she wanted doing.

She was obviously a fan and I normally answer fan mail immediately, but for some reason, I didn't answer it that day and promptly lost the email all together; it is no where to be seen and no matter how much I look, I cannot find it.

Anyway, as I said: if you see this post, please do get back in touch and I WILL reply. I promise.

Also I am planning a series of posts all about my time at the Dandy. My thoughts and the process involved in getting the many pages I produced to them on time.

Now because this will be a massive undertaking on my behalf, and no doubt very difficult to fit in between all my other work commitments, I ask that you please be gentle with me and keep coming back.

Of course you could always join my email list, as many of you already have, and have my posts and their links sent direct to your inbox thus insuring you never miss a single post.

Stay tuned and let us speak soon.

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