Wednesday, April 1, 2015

the Dalesman, again

A little further on from my belated Christmas message and magazine front cover from the Dalesman magazine, I have another post regarding them.

Most months I receive a request to illustrate humorously a story from that months edition. The stories, like all of my editorial output, are based around something silly, funny, hilarious or downright quirky and eccentric.

This tale falls into the quirky category.

The story, as I was given it, was that Gary Barlow--front-man for Take That----has written and produced a musical based on the hit movie Calendar Girls---which was a true story about a bunch of middle to elderly ladies who produced a tastefully nude calendar for charity; obviously this became a big hit.

So I got the story as the ladies came from Yorkshire, in northern England, the Dalesman is based in that area and Gary Barlow was announcing it's release in the same hall as the WI ladies hatched their plan.

So here you go. More tom-foolery from my pen


Incidentally, come back this Friday if you like single panel gags, I'm posting six of them from the ones I post up onto cartoonstock,

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