Saturday, July 18, 2015

Would you Adam & Eve it...a new proposed feature

Well haven't I been the busy little chap. I took a whole week off from everything and managed to write and produce thirty comic strips for submission into the American syndication market.

The strip is called Adam & Eve and runs under the byline of: the antidote to the family strip.

Most everyone of note will tell you that when thinking of something to create it is always best to write about what you know about. And seeing as I have two failed marriages and a string of disastrous relationships lying crashed and burning in my wake, I think it safe to say that I am somewhat of an expert on the subject.

So when writing a family strip ( my first ever), I decided to write less about the lovey-dovey side of it--- the homogenised view of the nuclear family that we have become accustomed to until now---and more of the darker, less salubrious view of the modern family.

That said, the strip is still meant to be fun and indeed funny, but just a bit more about how I remember it, through the jaundiced coloured spectacles I wore and still, on certain occasions, do wear (especially when writing this strip).

Anyway, down below are, as usual, the thirty sample strips and the character page required by all the major syndicates, but you---you lucky devils---get to see them first.

I really do hope you enjoy

Cheer Karl

By the way, for another sample of a previously submitted strip click here to read my Bib strip and on a final, final point: those regular, and more eagle eyed of my readers, will probably notice that this whole strip was based on two single panel gags first publish here


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