Friday, August 14, 2015

Castle Comics P1

Well here it is! The first page in the serialisation of Castle Comics!

For those of you who are new to this spot, let me explain. Every Friday I will be posting a page from my highly popular, self published, specialist comic titled Castle Comics.

This book has sold almost 10,000 copies through the gift shops and specialist retail outlets all over the UK's Castle visitor centres and shops, and I have just 200 left, and of these two hundred I have plans that I hope you will find very interesting. They will be for sale, but with a little added extra. So stay tuned and keep coming back as I will be announcing my plans---probably next week---about the offer of Artist editions of Castle Comics.

But until then, sit back and enjoy the first page with the first two boneheads from the dungeons of D'Boncee Castle, home to the notorious William the Konk. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Lok and Key!


  1. comic sans is the pure sign of an amateur, it is just NOT done. Please change the type.

  2. Hello Anonymous. Sadly you are wrong. It isn't comics sans it is a different comic type face, and even if it was, I fear your assertion that its use is something akin to amateurishness is a sad one and that of the purist. A typeface is just that: a means of which to get the written word over. So long as it is clear then I feel it has served it purpose.
    Please try and look beyond the banal comic sans debate---old and tired as it is--- and stop telling people what is and what is not done. IF I chose to use comic sans I will, and your permission is not something a free thinking spirit like myself will ever seek out.
    That said, thank you for taking the time and effort to leave a comment and please do come back for some more Castle Comics. Next time perhaps you can leave your name; it would be so much more professional if you did.


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