Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last Christmas

Well Christmas has been and gone and I've had fun, but I've also not been well.

But by way of making some kind of amends for all the lack of posting (due, as I'm sure you will realise) to all the last minute rush jobs and seasonal aches and shivers, I am posting the front cover for the Dalesman, a magazine I draw a regular comic panel for and now produce the Christmas cover to.

Their brief was to have Santa doing something typically Christmassy on the cover and when I found out a Christmas tradition up north is to have Wensleydale cheese with your Christmas cake, I just couldn't resist; the rest was just pencil and pen strokes and a bit of Photoshoppery.

Happy belated Christmas to you all.

On another note, I have since discovered that they actually make Wensleydale flavoured Christmas cakes up there.

Oh and as another aside, below is the art before all the titling was put on. It's good to notice---for those amongst you who study my art as a view to turning professional---that I left what is termed as 'dead space' around the cartoon to allow their art department to place the headers, blurb and bar-codes.

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