Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Draw a cartoon Lion---Part 1 the Head

Having checked on my Google statistics I see, that by a long way, you love it when I teach you stuff.

That's not to say you don't like the other things I do, like the silly stories, the diary, the work's in progress posts and the varied, wild and wacky assortment of other stuff I get up to.

But this here post has a two fold purpose. First off it's a tutorial on how to draw a cartoon lion's head. That, I'm sure you'll agree is more than self explanatory, especially with the big tutorial page below.

Second it's to announce that finally, and after many years of being cajoled and implored by friends, I am finally putting together a 'How to Draw Cartoons' book.

Now I know that there are many, many 'how to' books out there, but seeing as how you all like my tutorials so much, I'm going to do it: it's not like I'm not qualified. Hell, I've drawn for some seriously big markets, self published my own books and written thousands of scripts and gags over a twenty something year career. And that's the sort of knowledge I want to impart to the world.

Basically, I want to produce a book I wish was out there when I started drawing. Not just a how to draw cartoons--although there are a lot of those in this here book of mine---but a how to sell your work, who to approach and what publications can help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Okay, without further preamble, here's the first page.

You'll probably think that this is a difficult place to start, but let me explain: Firstly, this wont be page one in my book. Page one, or section one, will deal with the human face and expressions. This page is stage two. The part that deals with transferring all you learned from stage one and putting it into an animal's face.

Also, I wanted to show you how simple something that initially looks damned complicated can be, so long as you use the shape system I use.

On a final, final point, next Wednesday I will be doing another tutorial on how to produce other expressions using the principles below.

So get out your pencils and have a go. And if you enjoy it, send me some copies. It would be great to see what you produced from what I've taught you.
Click  on the page to enlarge

This page is copyright 2016 Karl Dixon

I am hoping to link these tutorials with  YouTube videos of me actually drawing these exercises. I will keep you updated.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this post. If you did then please share it like a demented sharing person and keep on coming back for more of the same, and a whole lot besides.

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