Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Off with their heads

Hey what about this, two editorials in two days...Am I on fire or what!

I guess I just had to do something about the naked royals. Seems like you only need to turn around and one of them's throwing their caution, jock strap or bikini top to the wind.

But that aside, the paparazzi are parasites on the scum of life's pond and if I was the judge, this would definitely have been a possibility.

Cheers until next time folks

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  1. Yup. I understand that they are public figures, but I think there needs to be a limit. They have lives too. If Kate wants to run around au natural, then she should be able to, without some 'razzi jackass trying to make a buck off it.

  2. Sadly though as long as people keep buying the salacious crap that houses this stuff, the more at risk peoples private lives will be. Karen made a good point, she said: 'Isn't it bad enough that these morons killed his mother, now they're after his wife'


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