Monday, March 28, 2016

First off, and before we launch into the odd realm that is my mind, let us take a moment  to reflect upon the glory of our new post heading, which I have produced at no extra cost to you and purely for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure.

I have written a few of these 'Diary' style posts in the past, but up until now you've had to make do with a black and white image of myself looking wistful and forlornly into the distance as someone drives off in my car. But as of now, this highly literary (ahem) section of our little blog, and oasis to insanity, will have it's own identifiable header.

All hail the cartoonist...(takes a bow to thunderous applause)


Howdy Doodie Comrade

America has always been my biggest audience by far, followed by the UK India, China and Europe. But as of today I am being hit very heavily by Russia.
So I would just Like to take this opportunity to reach out to all those oil rich Oligarchs out there and send them this simple, heartfelt message from the bottom of my heart. And this is it:
I am a cartoon tart for financial backing and if you like what you see and would like to fund me I am all yours. PS, I love your brightly coloured buildings, tall hairy hats and cheap bridal sites.


Milking it

A few days ago I noticed on the side of a carton of Soya milk a byline which read 'For the Professional'. This, I'm sorry to say confused me. Not that it's that difficult to confuse me, but confused I was. And when I'm confused I tend to write letters to people in charge, which usually brings a level of confusion to their day that they probably didn't deserve.
The letter below is what I have just dispatched to Apro, the makers of the Soya Milk in question.

Dear Sir/Madam (I am no sexist or misogynist), 
I recently purchased a carton of your excellent Soya Milk (see empty carton enclosed for proof. Please also excuse the teeth marks and chisel chips on the cap, I had the devil's own job breaking in). 
Where as I did indeed enjoy the superb flavour and quality of your product I was somewhat troubled by your byline which read: 'For the Professional'. This got me to thinking about what kind of professional you were targeting. Is it for professional footballers or accountants? Maybe you aimed your professional soya at the doctors of this world or are you gearing up for a big push toward solicitors and other members of the misery and ambulance chasing community? 
Having thought that far, I decided to think some more, the result of which is as follows: I myself am a professional cartoonist and would love to think that we would soon be having our very own soya. If this was indeed the case---and please tell me that it is---I would happily shout these glad tidings from the roof tops and in all the cartoonist forums (those dark corners of the net where we congregate in nervous numbers---we don't like the light you see), where I will tell all fellow professionals that our time has come and at last the soya milk industry has recognised us. And to celebrate our oddities and foibles they have given us our very own soya based beverage. 
If this isn't the case and you are aiming your soya at the general population of professionals then my daughter---who is not a professional---says she feels like she has been enjoying your product under false pretences and could you please send her some samples of your unprofessional soya milk instead. 
I look forward to your reply. 
Yours Sincerely (and without prejudice)

Karl Dixon 
(CEO of the Hug-a-Cartoonist Society)

So far no reply. But I will, of course, keep you informed.

Sketchbook Corner
And now, here's some shots from my sketchbook, for no other reason than to prove that I have one. So until next time, au revoir mes amis, toodle pip old chap, s'long buddy and to my new found Russian friends Прощайте друзья. (if I've just inadvertently insulted your mother's cat please forgive me and blame Google Translate).

Roughs for a new Pixy Wood tale

OOOOO, top secret. I will tell you soon...around June when I hope to start it off.

And some more ooooo top secret stuff...see you in June about this one.

A rough for a new Big Ol' Bear picture and card and maybe even a calendar

Please come back on Wednesday 30th March when my next post will be showing you how I produced a pencil sketch study of a horse. It'll be fun, it always is.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this post. If you did then please share it like a demented sharing person and keep on coming back for more of the same, and a whole lot besides.

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